Store Cannabis Gummies

Anything you eat needs proper storage to avoid contamination, and cannabis gummies are no exception. So once you find the best strain that will work for you and buy more, you need to get proper places and ways to store them. This blog will tell you about How to Properly Store Cannabis Gummies.

Storing the edibles in the right way keeps them fresh and away from contaminants. Most gummies should stay in a dry place, away from sunlight, and kept airtight. You can also store cannabis gummies in the refrigerator if they are designed to keep cold. 

What Happens If You Don’t Store Your Gummies?

 Always remember that storing cannabis edibles does not mean you hide them. On the contrary, storing gummies in the right way and right places helps keep them fresh and reduces the chances of food poisoning. 

Most manufacturers advise users to store their products from moisture and humidity, direct sunlight, heat sources, and strong smells. You will also see labels about storing the product in a dark container or an airtight sealed one. 

When you expose some cannabis edibles to air, they get oxidized and become less effective. This can also make them go wrong within a few days. Other cannabis edibles melt when exposed to sunlight and sources of heat. 

Those stored in dark bottles are also to prevent oxidation. Keeping the gummies with other products with a strong smell will change how they smell and taste. The gummies attract strong scents, which you can also feel with the taste buds. 

Best Storage Materials For Gummies

Although the manufacturing and expiry dates matter, the conditions in which you store your cannabis contribute to longevity. Poorly kept gummies will not be fresh, and you might be bored to take them. 

There are four ways to best store your cannabis gummies. Take a look.

Use Silicone Containers

Silicone containers are suitable for the short-term storing of edibles. They protect the gummies from moisture and humidity. However, ensure you choose a container size close to the number of cannabis gummies you have. It is an excellent way to prevent moisture build-up that could otherwise cause the gummies to go bad. 

Airtight Containers

First, wrap the gummies in small portions on parchment paper. Next, seal the gummies in a ziplock food bag and place them into an airtight container. Airtight containers can keep your gummies for up to a month. 

Glass Jars

Use small glass or mason jars to store gummies. First, wrap the gummies in parchment paper to prevent them from sticking. Then, place the jars in a dry area or inside a fridge, away from strong smells. 


Before placing the extra gummies into the fridge, ensure the containers you are putting them in don’t have extra space or extra air. The air will change to moisture when the temperatures change, and this can cause spoilage. 

When removing the gummies to use, first defrost them slowly. Don’t expose them to high temperatures because they can change their form and taste. The high temperatures could also change the concentration of the gummies. 

Keep Them At The Right Temperature

Most foodstuffs are not safe in warm environments, and so are cannabis gummies. This is because warm temperatures encourage the growth of mould and bacteria. Heat also causes the food to dry out. 

Mould causes the food to go bad quicker than it should. Keeping the gummies in a cool place and away from moisture will help them stay for longer. Although storing the gummies in a fridge works, you should consult experts to know if it is the best method. 

Keep Them Away From Children

Gummies are candies coated with cannabis. If you have children, you know how much they like sugar and sweets. 

If they find gummies lying around, there is a possibility of the kids gobbling on them. In addition, CBD and THC on kids can be harmful. If this happens, seek medical advice. 

How Long Do Edibles Stay Fresh?

Food manufacturers indicate the manufacture and expiry dates of the edibles. The answer to how long the edibles will last depends on the storage conditions and the ingredients. However, gummies last the longest. Gelatin gummies like Sunshower will also stay chewy the longer they stay fresh (side note: Sunshower is also really tasty; watermelon lemonade is a personal favourite!)

Gummy candies have a shelf life of 6 months to one year. Refrigerating and keeping the sweets in airtight containers will help them last this long. Hard candies like lollipops last up to a year, and dark chocolate candies can last for even two years. 

Signs the Edibles Have Spoiled

If you cannot remember the expiry date of the candies as written on the tin’s label, check for discoloration. The sweets should be the same colour you bought them in. They should also have a similar taste

Change in smell is a sign the gummies are going bad. Ensure they still have the sweet candy smell. If you store them in a container, there should be no condensation or any moisture. Droplets on the sides of the container are a sign of spoilage. 

The candies should be easy to chew and swallow. Rough, hard, and bitter candies could indicate expiry and lack of freshness. The candies should also not be too dry. 

To avoid missing the expiry dates, write them on the new packaging. This could be on the new tins or wrappings. Also, please write down the date you stored them to know how long you have kept them.

Always buy gummies from reputable brands and vendors. If you see the seller get the gummies from a plastic bag or are pre-packaged, chances are it is not fresh. Also, avoid storing them in clear containers. Cannabis gummies are affected by light. 

Final Words

You want to keep your cannabis gummies fresh and tasty, so you have to get the best storage for them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on storage, and ensure you note the manufacturer’s date on the new tins.