Decor & Design Trends

2022 is in full force, and with a whole new year comes endless opportunities, including opportunities to revamp or redesign a space in your home. Spring is coming up and that is as good of an excuse as any to start a big project like redecorating, but with so many sources of input on what is going to trend this year, choosing what to do can be overwhelming.- Decor & Design Trends

We’ve done the hard part and pulled together a list of the biggest trends that are hitting interior design and home decor this year. No matter what space you’re thinking of working on, there are trends here that you can use to make your space look sharp and uniquely yours. Here are some of the most significant home decor and interior design trends of 2022.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is going to surge, as the trends of minimalistic edges and lines seem to be ebbing over recent years. This will have a significant effect on their host spaces by making them feel more inviting, softer, and more comfortable. There will be an abundance of movement toward more organic-looking, rounded furniture, which will help spaces feel more calm, overall. For some ideas on curvy, quality furniture check the latest deals here.

Textures & Layers

Another result of moving away from the minimalism of the past few years is the swing toward maximalism in using layers and textures in the design. This can manifest as using printed wallpaper, painting trims a bold accent color, or playing with multiple patterns in a room. Leveraging bold textures and layers lets you redecorate a space where you entertain, and make it far more appealing.


It’s no secret that our climate is in danger, and there is a push for more and more sustainable products year after year. For many people, sustainable practices have even become a limiting factor in where people shop and from where they buy larger items. This means “green” is in, and anything that you can make from eco-friendly materials is preferable over the alternative. This means bamboo over wood, shopping locally, and ensuring that your items are sourced ethically.

Warm Paint & Wood Tones

Both paint and wood tones are getting warmer and darker in 2022, again leading to a greatly increased cozy feeling in spaces where this trend is implemented. Many manufacturers are now putting things out in warm earth tones, like grays, beiges, and even browns. This is the result of other recent trends that have alternated between super dark wood furniture and ultra-washed out neutrals and earth tones that left a space feeling lifeless. “Lightly stained” or “deep natural” are going to be key tonal phrases this year.

Pocket Door Privacy Nooks

While homes themselves are pushing toward more open floor plans, there is an equal push from the other side for private areas among the open spaces. This has resulted in the trend of using a pocket door or sliding barn-style door to slice off a little piece of privacy cake, in the form of a space where one can find a private retreat without going off to a bedroom or bathroom. This isn’t to say that open-plan homes are in decline, just that our privacy needs are beginning to adapt to our preferences for more open and airy spaces.

A Touch Of Tradition

While modern design seems to be one of the major influences on decorating trends, there are still some significant influences to be found in traditional elements. This doesn’t mean regressing a space back to spartan 1950s decor, but it can mean using traditional or vintage elements to add flair to a space. Mix and match your furniture with heirloom pieces. Center a sitting or reading space around a large decorative mirror, or an ornate velvet sitting chair or fainting couch.

Natural Light

Getting tons of sun in your spaces has never really gone out of style, but in 2022 it will be integrated even more into spaces where it hasn’t traditionally penetrated. In many cases, game rooms and media rooms are opening up so that they don’t feel so claustrophobic, making provisions for light-blocking when needed instead of by default.

Cozy & Plush Features

Textured furniture is going to be instrumental in creating warm living spaces in 2022, which means you are going to see lots of curved, plush furniture. Fuzzy chairs and couches, even some with faux fur, are going to take center stage during gatherings and will be the first seats taken. If you are looking to create an inviting and cozy space like a living room, media room, or lounge, curvy, shapely, soft furniture that is nearly on the ground will be the key to making that happen.

Artisan & Small Business Touches

This is another way that sustainable practices are becoming preferable, and locally owned businesses and artisan products are becoming more popular than national chains and mass-produced products. Big items in this area are handmade furniture, handwoven rugs, and more.

Revamped Outdoor Lounge Areas

Outdoor entertainment areas are often heavily outfitted for socializing, frequently being equipped with not just pools, but fireplaces and even entire outdoor kitchens. This means that the trend of improving outdoor gathering spaces will continue, and new outdoor furniture is going to be a frequent decoration trend in 2022.

Deco Details

2022 is shaping up to bring a deeper application of art deco elements into products and designs. This means you’ll likely need to consider incorporating the resulting details, such as fluting & ribbing, into more of your design choices, from furniture to cabinets. 

Interior Design & Decorating Trends For 2022

The trends for this year, in some ways, remind us of prior years since there are always some elements that persist. In other ways, however, 2022 has some serious design curveballs in store. There’s a lot to play with, particularly if you are thinking of redoing an entire space like a living room or bedroom, and by using just a few of the trends we’ve aggregated for you, your space can have a glow-up this year.