The academic and real-life applications of math are possible only when your foundations are strong. Just as the building needs a strong foundation, Math is a subject based on the same pattern that needs personalised attention. Maths is cumulative and it is important to have a strong base to progress for further topics. Being part of QuestMath classes online helps students to develop early math skills, and the road to success in math becomes easier. 

Before moving on to the complex calculations of BODMAS, children first need to learn the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This online learning helps you to hold a strong grip on math to strengthen your basic concepts.  The enrolled students with the website gain the benefits of direct live interaction with the QuestMath Tutors who have Level 3 certification by Learning Quest, Singapore, and are always present to help the kids with their precise needs. Let’s take a look at how online math learning program helps kids in developing their math skills.

Developing A Sense Of Numbers


Developing the number sense means understanding the numbers and the connection among them. The perfect identification of numbers will help the kids to perform basic operations like addition and subtraction. Number sense can include-

  1.   Size- means the bigger number indicates a large quantity.
  2.   Order of numbers- to understand that numbers always move in order (1,2,3,4)
  3.   Cardinality- means that the last number that has been counted is the last one and is the total number of objects (or any countable thing).

Spatial Sense


The sense or understanding of the shapes, sizes, positions, and directions is known as spatial sense. When kids grow up, they read it as ‘Geometry’. Teachers and parents can help children to develop their spatial sense by-

  1.   Use shapes in art and crafts and teach them tricks like when a rectangle is folded from the center, it becomes a square, and folding a square diagonally turns into a triangle.
  2.   Identify the shapes in the surroundings. Be it a pencil box, or book, or water bottle, or a football.
  3.   Organize an activity, where you can ask the children to bring in their favorite games, like a cube, a ball, and a carom board, and ask them what shapes they can see in it.



Measurement means the process of determining the length, height, and weight, of anything through numbers that show the amount of anything. Students must know how fun it is to learn measurement, by doing activities like-

  1.   Get the measurement of the length of the book, notebook, and pencil and write it on paper.
  2.   Height of the student and mother and the difference between the two.
  3.   Explore the capacity. Use a basket and keep apples in it, then figure out the capacity of the basket of holding fruits.



Patterns can be any shape image or number that repeats in a logical manner making sense. ABA, AAB, and ABB patterns are widely used in primary age to teach patterns. Like, orange-lemon-orange, orange-orange-lemon, and orange-lemon-lemon. Such patterns can be created as fill-up activities. 

You will be surprised to know that QuestMath online learning formula is inspired by the combination of Russian Math and Singapore Math. So joining hands with us will help you to get a holistic approach to the math subject.