drug addiction

Are you or your loved one in need of an effective drug treatment program? The following are some treatment options that are available. Keep on reading to view more information about these treatment options.


It is essential to let your body get rid of the drugs in it. Detoxification can safely manage the withdrawal symptoms that you may feel. The process is different depending on various factors such as the type of drugs that you were using and the length of time of your drug use. The process generally involves three steps that can be summarized as follows.


You will be screened by a medical team to determine if you have any physical or mental health issues or not. Blood tests are used to assess the number of drugs that are in your system. This is important to identify the type of medication that you will require for successful detoxification. A comprehensive review of your medical history is also conducted to design a long-term treatment plan.


In this next step, you will be stabilized with various medical and psychological therapies. The aim is to prevent you from any self-harm during your stay. There are other medications that can be prescribed to prevent complications while reducing any other withdrawal symptoms.

Preparation for Treatment

If you opt for in-patient treatment, this last step should offer you the best chances of success in your treatment program.

It’s important to note that you may experience some side effects from detoxification. This is why it is essential to undergo detox treatment in a medical facility with adequate supervision.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

American addiction centers have lauded this form of treatment as a valuable option to combat drug addiction. Moreover, it can be used to treat various forms of addiction such as alcohol and food addictions. It does this by helping you to realize any unhealthy behavioral characteristics. This is ideal if you want to learn how to identify your triggers and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Additionally, this form of treatment can be used in conjunction with other therapy techniques.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

There has been a growing trend in treatments that can help you to isolate negative thoughts and emotions. This should help to provide effective ways to fight off any feelings of self-defeat that may cause you to rely on drugs as an escape or to fall off the wagon. The aim of this treatment is to highlight that the power of rational thinking can be the key to avoiding certain situations and stress factors.

Contingency Management

Treatment programs have started incorporating incentives as effective interventions for drug addiction. There are different rewards that are offered to patients. The main aim of these rewards is to show you that there are tangible benefits when you stop using drugs. This is a great way to reinforce positive behavior such as abstaining from drugs.


A combination of medications and behavioral treatments has proven to be a success in helping patients recover from drug addiction. Certain medications can be used to prevent cravings, mood swings, and to improve any withdrawal symptoms. If you are taking any medications, it is advisable that you participate in group therapy such as the 12-step facilitation program. It can offer you the support you need throughout your treatment program.

The Bottom Line

There are different types of drug addiction treatment options that you can choose to use. It is important to speak to a professional who can recommend the right kind of program to suit your recovery needs. Moreover, you should keep an open mind about unconventional behavioral therapies such as Contingency Management.

By Sambit