Build your crib

Video games have a plethora of genres for you to try and enjoy. These genres include classic and timeless racing, such as in Mario Kart, or adrenaline-filled first-person shooters like Call of Duty. And as time passes, game developers release more and more games either with multiple genres or unique and unusual storytelling. Such games may include The Walking Dead by Telltale Games or Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human. Nevertheless, as publishers release more genres, so does the number of games you can play. – Build Your Crib

And although simulator games like Summertime Saga are also a hit towards the gaming community, there is a unique appeal with base-building games. Maybe it is the base-building mechanic where you can be as creative and innovative as you can with your camp. Or perhaps it is the challenge of resource management. To know more, here are four base-building games that let you customize your home.

1. Minecraft

Let us start with a classic and arguably the most well-known game in the genre. Released in 2011 by Swedish game developer Mojang Studios, Minecraft has been the source of many gaming videos, moments, and even memes. This game allows you to explore the vast world of the Overworld and its different biomes. Each biome has its resources and items that you can get to build your home. Not to mention, these biomes post their respective challenges as well. From raiders roaming the Overworld to zombies and skeletons lurking at night, you will never run out of enemies to face.

And as for base-building, it is up to you how you can make your home innovative and creative. Some classic house ideas include castles, underwater bases, treehouses, and many more. And if you have suitable materials such as redstones, sticky pistons, and any other much-advanced builds, you can also create hidden bases and rooms. Visiting and gathering sources from other regions such as the Nether and the End can also help with adding personal touches to your house. But be careful of dying in the game, though. You will lose your level, and there is a high chance that the items you are carrying will be lost, especially if you fell on lava.

2. ARK: Survival Evolved- Build Your Crib

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if humans lived with dinosaurs? Will they co-exist, or will there be conflict? Which of them will stand at the top of the ecosystem? Or maybe, have you ever wanted to have dinosaurs as domesticated pets or livestock? If you do, then feel free to give ARK: Survival Evolved a try. This 2015 survival game by American game developer Studio Wildcard explores the thought of what if humans live with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, and what if humans tamed them.

Like Minecraft, this game has several biomes. They include plains, forests, deep seas, caves, swamps, redwoods, mountains, and snowy regions. But unlike the game above, each area has its dinosaurs that you can find and tame. Some examples are the nocturnal Troodon in the forests, the infamous Kaprosuchus, a source of many jumpscares in the swamps, and the untamable boat-attacking Leedsichthys. Iconic dinosaurs such as raptors and T-Rex are also in the game, and yes, you can tame them, too. You can then use these dinos to help you build an impressive base and survive the island or any other maps wherein you are currently. Feel free to play this game with friends to make it easier!

3. Fallout Shelter- Build Your Crib

Bethesda Softworks is a household name in the gaming community. After all, they have released some of the most well-known game franchises that many people have played. These series include The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Wolfenstein, and many more. One of Bethesda’s most prized releases is the Fallout series, where players can explore and survive the nuclear wastelands. They will also fight hostile NPCs and mutated creatures, including radroaches, ghouls, deathclaws, and many more. They make the game pretty challenging, especially for newbies. But if you want a chill game in the series with a not-so-stressful approach, then you should try playing Fallout Shelter.

Released in 2015, Fallout Shelter is a single-player game available on multiple platforms, including Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Unlike most Fallout games where you play as a survivor from an underground bunker known as a vault, Fallout Shelter lets you play as the vault director. Your challenge is to manage the bunker you are handling. They include hindrances such as survivor recruitment, personnel and resource management, power outages, defending the base from hostile survivors and organisms, and many more. So if you think you can lead survivors in the nuclear wastelands, feel free to test your leadership with Fallout Shelter.

4. 7 Days to Die- Build Your Crib

And lastly, if you want to put survival, role-playing, zombies, shooters, and base-building genres all in one game, then give 7 Days to Die a try. This 2013 game by American game developer The Fun Pimps lets players customize their character based on the stats and characteristics they want. And as a zombie survival horror game, the player has to scavenge for materials, weapons, and supplies when they go out scavenging. They can also buy and sell their materials with traders, and these traders also hand out quests and missions that give generous rewards.

The game’s title is also part of the mechanics. Every seven in-game days, the player will face a horde of zombies attacking their base. And every week, the attacks get more challenging, and more special zombies will attack the player as long as they survive. Not to mention, weapons and ammunition are rare, so the player will not only have to manage their base, but they also have to watch for their resources. And the more players are in a server, the more supplies become scarcer, and the hordes become tougher.

In a Nutshell

Base-building games are enjoyable, and they let you go wild, creative, and innovative with your base designs. But to make the game more challenging and memorable, it is no wonder why other game genres are added. These four games are just some of the best base-building games today. Feel free to invite your friends to build an in-game society with you!