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The online marketplace is the single most utilized marketplace today. With high-speed internet, free shipping, and affordable mobile phones, the skyrocket to your eCommerce business market has boomed in the last decade.

It’s unquestionable how powerful videos are at grabbing attention. Imagine scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Your thumb immediately stops at an attractive piece of content. This is the magic of an awesome intro to the video made using tools such as this one here. If you would like to boost your social media presence, we advise that you invest in quality videos by hiring a professional video production company to do the work.

New brands coming into the market today never consider retail as their primary option.   E-Commerce platforms are cheaper to create, easier to maintain, and reach a more wide user base.

Promoting business online is the only battle for most businesses. It’s redundant to have an amazing product, but no one knows about its existence.

Why Video Marketing.

But where does video promotions come into the picture? Do we really need videos to Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Business?  

Win Attention

It’s unquestionable how powerful videos are at grabbing attention. Imagine scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Your thumb immediately stops at an attractive piece of content. This is the magic of an awesome intro to the video made using tools such as this one here.

As compared to long-form written text blogs or posts, videos have a subtle buzz that attracts people and makes them stop and actively consume the content.

Better Searchability

One of the most common ways to search for new bands online is through search engines. Having videos listed on your website or homepage increases your page’s odds of showing up on the Google front page.

The Google search algorithm works on a simple ranking system. Better websites with more genuine content reflect earlier than those without any. Therefore, having videos on your page will automatically move your product to the search result’s front page.


Word of mouth marketing, we have heard of it but never really completely understood it. Videos are some of the most shared forms of content online. If a user notices an attractive video, they are more likely to share this video with their friends and family.

This share indirectly pushes your product or video to more users. This process increases the odds of lead generation and discoverability.

Brand Awareness

Lastly, we cannot ignore the effects of video for brand awareness. A brand that invests the time and effort to create quality video content will stand out from the cluttered e-com space.

For example, if you are a jewelry brand that produces slow motion or well-crafted videos of your product. You have a better edge as compared to a brand that only put up a photo.

Best Ways To Use Videos In Ecom

Here are five of the best ways to use videos to Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Business. 

Informative and How-To

The most searched form of videos online is explainers or educational videos. Based on the product you are selling, determine a few FBA Academy domains that add value to your consumers’ knowledge bank. Generate videos that aim to enlighten, educate, and inform the viewers about your product or relevant information in your domain.

For example, if you are a company that sells potted plants online. You could make videos about buying the right plant, plant nutrition, tips for maintaining a garden, and much more.

All these videos aim to attract a niche market that would eventually buy your product. Without the monotony of in-your-face marketing.

Value Ad Features Of Product

Rather than selling the product itself, there is a roundabout way to get more attention to your brand. Make a list of five or six valuable entities of your product. From this list, create individual videos highlighting each entity.

This process helps fragment the specialty of your products is into multiple layers. Each video reaches a much broader demographic based on each highlight.

Additionally, this is also a fantastic way to create content for your social media page and website. This trick of fragmenting qualities of the product has been used by marketers to increase video content volume.

Product Demo

Most e-commerce companies depend on a description and a table of contents to explain the product. However, a video is a better alternative since we can provide more information in less time. Video can also use animation, text effects, transitions, and creative camera angles to better explain the product.

Many products are also very dependent on its functionality. Video explaining The functioning of the product or the working will convince users better. Place these videos on the homepage or of the product description of each individual product.

Completion Study

A competition study is not an attempt to instigate differences between the other brands in your domain. Competition study aims to compare and contrast products in the market using videos and blogs.

The overall aim of these videos is to showcase all the products available. Skillfully write these videos to highlight your merchandise better than the others in the market. This video also establishes the credibility of your work since other brands are not ignored.

Consumer Testimonials

The complimentary messages from your past clients function as an excellent marketing tool. Consumers often depend on reviews and ratings before purchasing a product. You could convert these reviews into videos very quickly.

One way to promote testimonials is by asking your consumer to talk into a camera and share a few lines about your product and services. Another is using screenshots or snippets of online published reviews and turning them into attractive animations for better consumption.

User-Generated Content

This is one of the simplest ways to produce large volumes of content with minimal effort. User-generated content is videos where the footage comes from the viewers or customers; rather than your content development team.

Hold competitions, encourage people to give video shoutouts in return for freebies, or host an online video show — all these are a great way to collect videos. These tricks encourage your consumers to provide you with video snippets, which you edit quickly to create long-form videos.

Apple uses this formula many times with its world-renowned ad campaign “Shot on an iPhone.” This campaign involved users sending photos clicked from their phones, and Apple used them as advertisements for their brand.

Final Thoughts,

Using video for Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Business is a rising trend.  Not being part of the bandwagon, we will leave you behind in the running. With the boom of internet applications and free software, making videos is convenient using InVideo and does not require high profile skills.

Do not ponder on ideas anymore; put your thoughts to action and immediately produce video content if you haven’t yet.