Wedding anniversaries are significant occasions in the life of a couple. This means you must choose as a gift something that is appropriate to the occasion and will also be well-loved and appreciated by the recipient(s). This makes coming up with an awesome wedding anniversary gift idea somewhat challenging. This is true for all the invitees to the occasion. However, if you’re one half of the couple, the task may come off as so much more daunting! You need to select a perfect gift for that special someone in your life for this important day and it is easy to get somewhat ruffled or riddled with doubts as to whether the gift you’ve in your mind will really please the other as much as you want to. 

Well, we here believe in keeping things simple and straight. Although, these days there is all the craze for unique and personalized gifts, let’s not forget what we already mentioned—that a wedding anniversary marks a significant occasion in the life of a couple (more so if we are talking milestone anniversaries such as the 5th anniversary, 10th anniversary, 15th…and so on). Personalizing a gift is often a great idea and we’ve nothing whatsoever against the ‘unique’-ness of a gift. However, whatever gift you choose, you must keep it in mind that it ought to be suitable for the occasion and should not undermine the gravity of the occasion. Often, simple gift ideas, such as a pair of diamond cufflinks for your man, or a diamond-quilted handbag for the fairer sex, elegant chinaware or dinner set, quality precision watches, etc., will do the trick as long as one pays enough attention to the quality of the item chosen. These days, pamper hampers or gift baskets are getting increasingly popular and we are actually a great fan of them, too. There are many excellent boutique hamper companies that offer a wonderful array of products, so they do make choosing that perfect wedding anniversary gift that much easier for you. For those of you reading this piece from Australia, we will, for instance, highly recommend a company like Hampers With Bite, a family-run boutique hamper business that delivers all over Australia and has on offer a wide variety of great gift hampers suitable for any and all occasions. 

Great Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

1.  Vintage Champagne

We love this gift idea for a wedding anniversary. This is since apart from being a perfect gift for a celebratory occasion, it also offers one the opportunity to select a vintage bottle from a year that means something special to the couple. It can be the birth year of their first child, the year they first met each other or simply the year they got married. Of course, the vintage part may not work too well for personalizing purposes if we are talking a first anniversary or even a fifth anniversary! All the same, vintage champagnes are in themselves a great idea for any celebratory occasion, meaning this gift will always be appreciated. 

2.  Elegant Dinner Set

Remember what we said about keeping things simple? Traditional gift items such as beautiful dinner sets will never lose their appeal as great gift items and all ladies will appreciate elegant chinaware or an awesome dinner tray. The trick here is to paying attention to the quality. Choose something that really stands out and you’ve a great wedding anniversary gift on your hand.

3.  Luxury Precision Watches

Watches and anniversaries somehow fit like hands in glove, don’t they? And who doesn’t love a well-made and attractive luxury precision watch? This gift idea is meant for the spouses looking for a great item for their other halves. And needless to mention that this will make for an ideal gift if you already know your other half to be watch-obsessed (many of us ARE, after all!). Yes, you’ll need to make a bit of a splurge but then again, choosing a wedding anniversary gift for your special someone is not the kind of occasion when you look to cut corners, right? 

We had mentioned the recent craze for unique, novel and innovative gifts. We may as well mention in this connection that there has been a similar craze in recent years for quality antique items. Accordingly, we feel it will not be such a bad idea to choose an antique timepiece as the gift for the celebrating couple. Choose a good one and it may serve as the centerpiece of their living room for many years to come. 

And while we are on watches and timepieces, we may as well point out that they will obviously make for perfect gifts for a Watch Anniversary, i.e. the 15th anniversary. 

4.  Luxury Handbag

Just as elegant dinner sets, you can never go wrong with ladies when it comes to luxury handbags or shoulder bags. Go for an attractive design such as diamond-quilted handbags or something trendy and elegant like the Birkin Bags and the immediate shine on the lady’s face will say it all! Again, if you are in a mood to splurge, you can of course go all out and settle for something like a Louis Vuitton Alma. And if you can afford that, why not? 

5.  Gold Diamond Studs/Earrings

Another pricey option, but a great option, nonetheless. Know your lady’s tastes. Does she like wearing studs or prefers bolder pieces? Whatever the case, make sure to choose a pair that makes a sound statement—be it through their design, movement, scale or all of these combined. 

6.   Diamond Cufflinks

Who said only women are fans of diamonds? If your man loves dressing up, choose a pair of attractively-designed diamond cufflinks as a gift for him on this special occasion and you’ll get to see for yourself that men, too, appreciate the glittering metal!

7.  Gift Hampers

 As mentioned already, a variety of different manners of luxury gift baskets or hampers may make for ideal wedding anniversary gifts. So, we’re talking pamper hampers such as self-care hampers (for both men and women), gourmet food baskets, chocolate hampers, gourmet wine, whiskey or champagne baskets, and many more. Choices are aplenty which makes selecting the perfect gift hamper for the celebrating couple that much easier. Browse the products section of any reputable gift hamper company and you’ll know what we are talking about.