There are lots of unique experiences which may surprise you if you are going to plan your visit to Tooele. Here you can explore history as well as different aspects of natural science. Furthermore, this place gives you an opportunity to explore the western heritage of Tooele County.

To begin with, here you can get to know the important Things To Do In Tooele. Most importantly, it is basin and range country. It is packed with lots of interesting history as well as exhilarating adventure.

There are a host of mountains over here. Like, we have the Oquirrh Mountains located in the east and the Stansbury Mountains located to the west. Moreover, the Great Salt Lake Desert covers and surrounds most of western Tooele.

Lastly, make sure that you do make your headway to the Cedar Mountain Wilderness areas which mainly and generally comprises a Great Basin range. This specific area is open to doing activities like hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding as well as hunting.

Pony Express Trail

This Pony Express Trail in Tooele County begins at the Oquirrh Mountains. And then manage to proceed all across the county’s Great Salt Lake Desert. Most importantly, all along the entire route, you can easily see a large number of Pony Express Station markers.

Moreover, there is also a restored Pony Express Station which is situated at Simpson Springs. In addition, if you want to enjoy the super amazing experience while visiting this famous trail, then make sure that you start your journey from Camp Floyd State Park which is located in Utah County.

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake

This Great Salt Lake is situated in the northern zone of the U.S. state of Utah. Most noteworthy, it is by far the largest saltwater lake which is present in the Western Hemisphere.

Besides, it is the eighth-largest terminal lake present on a worldwide scale and level. It is also called “America’s Dead Sea”. Lastly, this lake offers habitat for native birds, brine shrimp and shorebirds, and waterfowl.

Stansbury Park Observatory

Another important attraction of Tooele, it is this immensely famous Stansbury Park Observatory. Or you can also call it as SPOC.

Most importantly, it hosts stargazing parties on a regular basis. Besides, you get to enjoy a glimpse of black holes and sunspots and also star clusters if you will visit this attraction. This observatory is one of the standout features of this Tooele county.

Furthermore, this Stansbury Park Observatory has a total of 3 permanent mounted telescopes. One of them is of 32 inches which are so far the largest in the US state and made for public observing only.

Historic Wendover Airbase

Historic Wendover Airbase

Most probably, one of the main reasons that why people love to visit Tooele is to check out and visit its historic Wendover Airbase.

Most noteworthy, this was marked as a former airbase which was basically and primarily made to give its vital contributions in order to end World War II.

To all tourists, if you are in Tooele, then it is must for you to visit this Wendover Airbase which is also accompanied by a restored service club and too air museum. Most certainly, you will feel that sense of gratitude while you step into this airbase.

Experience and Enjoy Endless Horizons in Tooele County

No doubt one of the main attractions of Tooele is to check out and spend some quality time in its endless horizons. Tooele is Utah’s most beautiful place. In addition to, it is packed with so many dramatic landforms.

Most probably, there are about 11,000-foot high peaks over here. There are an inland sea and so many verdant valleys. Moreover, there is a mysterious desert which comes along with stretches of white salt.

This is the second largest county of Utah which is composed of an impressive size. Thus, you will get many opportunities to explore if you plan to visit Tooele.

This is the place where you can experience real adventure and also recreation. Attractions over here are just limitless, countless and boundless.

Utah Motorsports Complex

Utah Motorsports Complex

Utah Motorsports Complex was previously known with the name of Miller Motorsports Park. This is a ground-breaking attraction of Tooele. It has so far hosted an extensive number of prestigious and well-acclaimed international motorsports events.

Most probably, you may have heard and known about Pirelli World Challenge and as well as National Auto Sport Association National Championship made for cars.

If you are in Tooele and you want to experience professional or amateur racing series, then visit this Utah Motorsports Complex. It is not only a racetrack. In fact, it is the home to Rodizio Grill. You can use this place to host any sort of outdoor events.

Bonneville Seabase

Bonneville Seabase which is an inland ocean is the promising attraction of Tooele. All divers, tourists, and visitors will always get a great and enjoyable experience from here. Moreover, you can call it an oceanic wonderland.

Besides, this attraction is known because of scuba diving and snorkeling adventurous activities. Also, Bonneville Seabase’s saltwater encompasses an abundant amount of marine life in it.

You can easily see Damsels, Lookdown Jacks and also Puffers and Pompanos in it. Most probably, you can too catch the glimpse of Angel Fish, Groupers and Grunts, Tangs, Rabbitfish.


To summarize, Tooele last one and promising attraction are this Desert Peak Complex. This attraction is present in the heart of Tooele Valley.

Most noteworthy, it is surrounded by 20 recreational, exciting and entertainment venues. And these venues are spread completely across 600 acres area.

There is an Olympic-size swimming pool in it packed with multiple lanes. Then there is a diving board area and wading pool. Moreover, there is also a complex which offer full-service RV hookups.

Thus, we are fully sure that all of you know about the important Things To Do In Tooele. Do let us know when you are going to plan your visit to Tooele. And share with us as well as which attractions and sites you visited over there!

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