Careers in Business You May Not Have Considered

No matter how long you’ve been in business school, finishing it opens up many opportunities. But sometimes, having too many options can slow down the process of choosing a career.

In fact, it can make the job search too overwhelming to continue.

If that sounds like you, then you might not have considered our top suggested job roles. While you’d probably make a great fit for many roles, you’re bound to something from the list below to pique your interest.

So keep reading for six careers in business you may not have considered. Afterward, you’ll understand why investing in a business degree can almost guarantee a better income bracket.

1. Consultancy

Consultancy jobs are ideal for those who do not want to start their own business but want to apply direct knowledge to their work. Consultants directly apply their education without being responsible for business operations.

Those with knowledge in more specific fields have even more of an edge in the business consultancy industry. Law, mechanical engineering, computer software… all these industries need business consultants. If you have got your toes in any of these fields, you may have yourself a specialization — and a higher paycheck.

So if you want to apply your knowledge in a more straightforward way while maintaining freedom, choose consultancy. You may find lots of comfort in the freedom and number of career opportunities it provides.

2. Copywriter

A copywriter is typically someone who writes text for marketing/publicity materials. Not only do they need serious writing talent, but they also need to understand how to write for optimal audience engagement.

As opposed to novel-writing, copywriting is more about engagement and informativeness. So while you’ve got to be a great writer, you have also got to be a snappy and succinct one too. Copywriters may also need to conduct research within various industries.

Either way, copywriting is a great career for great writers who love independence. There are many in-house copywriting roles, but there are plenty of freelancing jobs prospective copywriters can take up. So if you’re not into the idea of a storefront and have got stellar writing skills, pull out your laptop — you might be able to earn an income from your own home.

3. Administrative Director

There’s a way to get a lofty business position without owning a business. “Administrative director”, “chief of administration”, “administrative head” — these are different names for roles that center administrative leadership. Business administration is a bustling industry, and this fact shows no signs of stopping.

Your title will also depend on your industry. Healthcare administrative workers may have titles such as “healthcare specialist” or “clinical professional”. No matter what, these positions need your natural leadership and business skills.

For ambitious workers that prefer supervisory support, this position is great. Not only does it use all the skills you worked hard to master, but it also gives you an ambitious direction to work towards when you’re starting out at a company.

Learning the specific skills of an administrative worker will give you a fantastic edge in the job market. This will also give you a great push for eventual promotion. Find out more information here if you’re interested in an education that invests in your income.

4. Brand Ambassador

If this past decade has proven anything, it’s that a brand can become popular if its audience trusts the face representing it. From influencers to beauty gurus to celebrities-turned-influencers, social media has demonstrated the power of a popular face.

So if you’ve got the charisma and the marketing knowledge, search for brand ambassador opportunities! Plenty of brands are advertising fun careers in business with brand ambassador positions. Depending on the opportunity, brand ambassadorships could even provide the highest paying careers.

Of course, they will usually want someone with a positive social media track record. Not every brand seeks mega-influencers. But they’ll likely want someone that can prove their ability to gain a following.

5. Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters assess the risk levels of different buildings. If they decide their company can insure the building, they will calculate the insurance amount, the premium, and then issue the policy.

This job requires underwriters to speak to people both in and out of their company. They also need to have many skills, including negotiation and analytical ability. All this, combined with thorough financial and property insurance knowledge, makes a great insurance underwriter.

As opposed to other roles on this list, underwriters may or may not need a Bachelor’s degree. But to get higher positions, candidates usually need a Bachelor’s degree and separate postgrad underwriting certification. Nonetheless, this job is great for those who want an interesting, unpredictable role that’s great for business majors.

6. Student Advisor

Student advisors consult students on their academic performance. They may also aid with personal problems when necessary. They also need stellar business instincts to advise many students down their academic paths to excel in this role.

A business degree isn’t only meant for brick-and-mortar storefronts and eCommerce stores. Business degrees are great for anyone wishing for vital strategy skills and savvy industry know-how.

So if you’re interested in working in the educational field but also want to attend business school, you don’t have to choose one over the other. As a student advisor, you help students through your keen professional insight.

Know What Careers in Business Are Right for You!

Business is anchored around the desire to maximize profit. When you’re involved in that kind of industry, it’s wise to choose a career that will financially benefit you too. By understanding different careers in business, you can understand which path will provide the best source of income.

If this guide helped you understand how business school can help your career, then check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other information for enterprising readers just like you.

By Sambit