Your Dating Profile

Some online dating profiles seem to look impossibly perfect. The thing is, making an account like that takes a bit of planning and some basic knowledge of photography. We have put together some tricks and tips to make your dating profile stand out. 

  1. How good are your photos?

If it comes down to a bad photo or no photo at all, go with no photo at all. Nothing can be more detrimental than a hideous photo for a profile. That will make you look bad in an environment where your appearance is the only thing that gets you through the door. 

Nobody can get away with a poor lit photo (this principle does go for the rich and famous alone). But this does not mean you should spend money to get a professional photo, putting aesthetics first sells. So, play with editing tools, but retrain yourself. 

  1. Think about the photo feed

Let me let you in on a little-known secret that will set you up for a couple of dates: online dating users don’t judge you by a single photo. No, instead, they perceive your profile as a whole rather than look at each photo (or video) individually. 

That calls for a lot more effort than you have been putting into the dating profile. Choose what you want to be (or what you want others to think) and be faithful to that look. Minimalistic or moody, remember: you have a mere second to impress. 

  1. Ditch the typical responses

I know this should come out as a no-brainer, but think about how every response you give would look within the overall look you are aiming for. Why? Because every response appears right below to your photo and is judged at the same time. 

So, your words should visually match everything you have uploaded to the image feed. This strategy will give your profile a balanced and consistent look – and save you a lot of right swipes. Before you max out the character limit, think twice. If you’re struggling with how to write a fun and engaging response, a dating coach for men can help.

  1. Show off your fun side in a creative way

A creative approach to your list of hobbies is your best chance to stand out in any crowd. Keep in mind, people want to see how they can fit into your life (and how you can fit into theirs). So, leave the solo hobbies for your social pages. 

Now wait a minute, this is not your space to lie about who you are. You should be honest about your likes and dislikes if you want to hook up on apps like Tinder. However, you should talk about your hobbies in such a way that you allow potential dates to imagine themselves being part of your life. 

  1. Update your profile on a regular basis

The point is, avoid taking the boring route of maintaining your dating profile. Update your feed over and over again with new information, new pictures, fun things, and of course, a good smile. Bring in anything that can add different angles into your feed. 

Above everything else, the most important tip I can give you to stand out in the online dating scene is to keep up the good work. Keep reinventing the look of your profile. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 


A dating app is the last place where you would want to blend in. As apps like Tinder have become an integral part of the pursuit for love, steadily moving old-school courtship off the pedestal, your best bet is to reinvest yourself to survive.​