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If you are considering going o a dentist to get your first teeth grinding mouth guard, we don’t blame you. If you constantly wake up with tension headaches, migraines, and find that your jaw is aching every time you take a bite into your bagel in the morning, this can cause you to go through the day upset, irritated, and in pain. Avoid any aches, gum irritations, and cracked enamel from taking over the majority of your thoughts during the day and instead make an appointment with your dentist about how you can fix these intense symptoms. Let’s see a few commonly asked questions that new patients have about getting their mouthguard, why they need one, and how they should use their mouthguard in the most effective way. This blog will tell you 5 common FAQs new patients have about their first teeth grinding mouth guard.

5 FAQs patients have before purchasing their first teeth grinding mouth guard – Why do I need one?

If you are wondering why you may need a mouth guard, symptoms of needing a mouth guard, and why using a mouth guard is essential for long-rem dental health, keep reading. You may be surprised to find out just how essential using this mouth guard is for your long-term oral hygiene. Visit Teeth Night Guard Lab to get more information.

What are the symptoms of needing a teeth grinding mouth guard? 

When do you need to purchase a teeth grinding mouth guard? If you are wondering the symptoms that show you need to purchase this mouth guard for your oral health, look out for the most common symptoms that can occur in your jaw, head, and teeth. If you find you have cracked enamel – such as a cracked tooth or splaying at the gums – this can cause issues with eating food. In addition, if you find that your gums are bleeding or they are irritated, then consider using the teeth grinding mouth guard. Lastly, tension headaches and jaw pain are common symptoms that can cause long-term migraines and jaw pain that prevents you from eating or talking normally.

How much do I have to pay for a mouth guard? 

If you’re wondering about using a teeth grinding mouth guard for your oral health, keep in mind that you can use a custom-made night guard or you can purchase one in-store. The in-store options are cheaper, but they are less effective – consult with your dentist to see how much the personalized teeth grinding mouth guard will cost you.

Should I go to a dentist or orthodontist for a mouth guard?

For the best teeth grinding mouth guard that is customized to your mouth and tooth shape, we recommend going to your local dentist.

Why should I get a  mouth guard?

If you are wondering about the longevity and the purpose of the teeth grinding mouth guard, you need to use this preventive method to avoid long term issues with your mouth health.

Is there anything else I should know about the mouth guard?

If you have more questions, feel free to ask your dentist about the best way to protect against long-term teeth, gum, and jaw issues.


Do you suffer from symptoms of teeth grinding that are wreaking havoc on your daily life? If the answer is yes, you need a teeth grinding mouth guard.

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