Living in Bangkok can be an exciting experience, but there are some hidden healthful advantages you can only get by living outside of the city. The bustling metropolis is filled with sights, sounds, and smells that can be very exciting to experience, but irrefutably overwhelming if you’re not used to it. Living outside of the city on the other hand, can provide a sense of peace and serenity that those living in the city can only experience when they leave on a weekend break.  

Health is often seen as an afterthought when it comes to making decisions about where to live, but it should be a top priority. Living outside of Bangkok comes with many healthful advantages that include cleaner air, less noise pollution, and increased safety.

If you are thinking about moving to Thailand but you aren’t quite sure if Bangkok is the right choice, this is the article for you…

Clean air

Cleaner air is one of the most significant benefits of living outside of Bangkok. The city’s traffic and pollution levels are much higher than in other areas of the country. 

This can lead to respiratory issues, eye and throat irritation, and more severe long-term health issues. Living in a more rural area can provide cleaner air and help reduce the risk of health problems.

Quieter life 

The level of noise pollution is also much lower outside of Bangkok. The city is filled with honking cars, loud traffic, and other everyday noises that can be disruptive to your sleep, concentration, and overall health. Living in a more peaceful area can reduce the amount of noise you are exposed to and help you relax and stay focused.

A safer environment 

While the city is still relatively safe, crime can occur in even the most up-market of areas. Living outside of the city however, can provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Crime levels in the more rural areas of Thailand are much lower than the big city – as is often the case with most countries. 

Immerse in nature 

Bangkok certainly has its fair share of natural beauty with a multitude of parks, however, the big city simply cannot rival the natural beauty that Thailand’s rural area has to offer. That, and there’s so much land for sale in Thailand providing plenty of opportunity to establish your home anywhere you like!  


Overall, living outside of Bangkok can provide a number of healthful advantages that make it a great option for anyone looking to improve their health and overall wellbeing. From cleaner air to increased safety, these benefits are too good to ignore. 

Improving your daily self-care routine takes more than getting additional exercise and eating better – you have to factor in your environment as well. 

So if you’ve never quite been one for city living and wasn’t sure if Bangkok would be for you or not, perhaps the southern tropical islands or mountain paradise of the north might be more your speed!