Waking up on Sunday morning you could not feel happier. Your career is going great guns and you have moved into a beautiful new home with a mortgage easy to pay off following a bonus for a job well done.

To add to your glee, you have found a form of entertainment that you thoroughly enjoy and you make money from by using common sense. Last night you won a big jackpot on one of the many online slot games that you play and will spend the money on taking your partner away for a few days.

You have always enjoyed having a sensible gamble, usually putting a manageable stake on football fixed odds betting to enjoy keeping up with the scores, along with your annual visit to the racetrack, but finding the online slots has opened up your entertainment options.

Time is limited to heading to the nearest casino as you live and work remotely so playing online is a perfect solution for you. You simply downloaded the games from your favourite company onto your mobile devices, meaning that you can play in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. There is no need to have to waste time and money on travel expenses when you can relax and enjoy your punt after an enjoyable meal.

You were not enamoured coming out of the casino for a rare visit when someone spotted you and told all and sundry. What you do to relax should be your business, and not that of voyeurs on social media. Now you are the master of your own affairs once again, the same as when you discovered 5 ways to avoid overspending. Now you can simply cash out whenever it suits you and easily send your winnings to your attached bank account, so not even your partner knows how you are getting on when you play.

You love the promotions on offer from the company you choose to use, with 3D effect and so many exciting and entertaining themes on offer. But what really grabs you is the fact that you can choose your own stake and it doesn’t have to be a high one to still win large prizes. The promotions and bonuses are fantastic, and have attracted a growing number of punters to the site, which has allowed for even greater prize money.

The format and stake you choose to play is stored and remains until you choose to change it, which is quick and simple. You like being able to stop for a short while at any time to grab a drink or have a comfort break before resuming where you left off. All of which was not always easy in a casino, where you also had to put up with noisy customers who made you slightly uncomfortable with the surroundings.

Playing online slots has certainly added to your fun outside work, as you are entertained while having the chance to win large amounts of cash for very little outlay. No wonder you are so happy!