hdfc Food Card Login 

Usually, we use debit cards or credit cards to buy anything from the market. But there are other types of cards which are very helpful to buy our stuff from specific places. The hdfc food card login is one of them. 

You must be wondering what’s so special about this card? What are the purposes of this card? You can guess that this card is related to food purchases or anything related to food from the name. Well, that is the case. By using the food, a card will provide meal vouchers to the employees of your office.

 This food card system is used in the corporate office. The corporates tend to provide these cards to their employees for their meal allowance. It means, if they want to purchase any food from their office canteen, they can use the card. Instead of using a paper voucher, this food card system is much convenient in every possible way. 

Without any hassle, you can buy food from your office canteen. The system will record your track of purchasing food within the card system. But there are various facts related to hdfc food card login. How to buy the card, log into the account, etc., questions are rumbling around your head. Well, don’t worry. From this article, you will get every notion of it.

What Is Hdfc Food Card Login

Are you tired of providing the food paper voucher to your employee? Because it’s really hard to keep these paper vouchers all the time. And sometimes there is a chance that you may lose it. So the hdfc card will help you to get rid of that problem. You must be wondering what this card is? What are his functions?

 Well, It’s a digitalized smart card for purchasing any food or beverage from your workplace. The card is used in those corporate workplaces. Like if you work in an office, most corporates tend to provide paper vouchers or cards to buy lunch. But the hdfc company came out with their unique idea. 

They thought of providing a smart card to their employee. By using the smart card, they can easily get their meal from their canteen in the easiest way. It’s mostly a prepaid card, and you can even use it for your monthly meal allowance. But you can use this card only for food-related stuff like buying meals, beverages, grocery shopping.

On the other hand, some specific e-commerce websites and merchant outlets will accept this card. The biggest advantage of this card is that it’s a digitalized card. You are even able to check the balance or any transaction history. The paper card system works manually. So it’s hard to keep tracts of the meals that they have purchased. Do you know what’s more impressive? Well, if you lose it somehow, you can just call their help service center. Within a few days, you will get your card back.

Some Features Of The HDFC Food Card Login

hdfc Food Card

At first, you have to connect with HDFC bank. Then you have to apply for the issuance of a food card if you are their employee. 

The employer will divide the cards among the employees. So every time the employee buys any food from the office, he/she will use the card. In this way, they will not face the hassle of coupon listing.

 Even they will be out of the tracking system too. The employers used to provide the coupon system. But, after they found out, they need to do all this manually. And it’s much time killing. So they came out with something new.

It’s the hdfc food card login system. The documentation process is very neat and easy. Sometimes you can even use it as a debit card only if you are their employee. You can even request to reload your card. From other bank accounts, you can even transfer money to this account. 

But in this case, some conditions will be applicable. But you can even check your bank account balance if you want. Its also connected to net banking access. So you can even do online grocery shopping online. 

Isn’t it very convenient? The phone banking facility will help you to find your card even after you lose it. The hot listing method will solve the problem very quickly. Applying the same method, you will get our new card later. But In India, people use this card mostly. There is even a new policy made regarding this hdfc food card login. The facility is that a certain amount of expense is free from tax. You really don’t need to pay tax for a certain amount of money.

Various Types Of Uses Of This Card 

You must be wondering what the hype about this card is? Well, the card provides various types of facilities. Hence, the uses of this card are way too many.

  • What if you run out of your credit or debit card balance while purchasing foodstuff. Well, don’t worry; in this case, this hdfc food card login will be your saviour. You can buy the groceries and other foodstuff using that.
  • On the other hand, it’s related to a visa card. So you can buy that food and groceries outlet that are related to visa cards.
  • But You can only buy that kind of food using this card that is non-alcoholic. It means the government strictly prohibited alcoholic food and beverages.
  • As the card is widely used in India, they have also kept the option to cover some shops. Like bog Bazar, heritage especially their food outlets.
  • The famous supermarket stores like reliance mart, D mart, and star bazaar even kept this facility. They are completely okay with the fact if their customer is buying any food using this card.
  • You are wondering if you can use this food card in restaurants. Well, certainly you can. But if the restaurants cover visa cards, then it’s applicable.
  • Some clubs tend to allow this type of card,
  • You can also use this food card in KFC, Subway, dominos, pizza hut, McDonald’s.
  • Some famous grocery shopping malls like Spenser, Reliance fresh tend to accept this card.
  • You must be wondering about this card applicable worldwide. Sorry to say, but this card is only acceptable in India.

Process Of Getting the hdfc food card login 

Well, first, you have to go to their website to open an account. You will have to input your personal information, address, and other necessary information that the account requires. After sending all those information, you will get a pin code or password. , you can ensure that your account is safe in this way. On the other hand, you can select a pin in your way.

  • For atm card, you have to just tap on the pin change link on the right margin. Then enter the PIN that they sent and press the confirm button. Later enter the new pin, .then tap the confirm option.
  • For a credit card pin, you just have to go through a different process. The company then tends to send you a PIN number instantly to your mobile. Then enter the credit card in your bank. After that, choose the new atm pin using the OTP option. Enter the pin that was sent to your mobile. After that, you have to enter your mobile number. Then you can set your password according to your choice.
  • What if you want to use netbaking.Well, there are some steps you have to follow—the first login using your customer id. Then click on the atm pin. When you finally confirm the transaction, you will get a text at your email address.
  • For prepaid card pain, Just go to theor HDFC website. There you will see the prepaid card option. If you are first-time user login, then select the first-time user login. Then provide your persona information or whatever they require. Then select the activation code. Later you have to go through some security questions and then confirm your email id.

Want to Check The hdfc food card login Balance 

hdfc Food Card Login: make sure you help people to buy food

If you are thinking of checking the balance of your hdfc account, you have to follow some steps.

  • Select the food cart option in your hdfc accounts. You have to enter the card number. Then you have to select the option check balance.
  • You can even use the HDFC  Netbanking account. For this, first, you have to log in to your account . You have to use your prepaid card for that. There the user-id tends to be your food card number. What about the passcode? Well, the activation code is your passcode.
  • Then there you will see various food purchasing options on your screen. On the other hand, you will get a text in your mobile saying how much balance you have in your account.

If you struggle to face any problem, just contact their helpline center. The food card customer care will help you to solve your problem.

Other Customer Care Service 

Well, people are so excited about this hdfc food card login. They should be. Not only is the helpful card, but the services are also wildly praised worthy. From their website, you can even lookout for the option of their customer care service. But if you want an exact service, you just have to dial different numbers to get those services. Some are given below-

By dialing one, you can get to know about a brief of bank account and numbers. Even you may get to know about cards or loans. But you have to press 1 to get the service.

By dialing three, you will be able to know bout the Demat loans and services.

By dialing three, you will know about the forex card inquiries.

But to know all of that, they may require your food card number.

Some advantages of hdfc food card login 

Well, the advantages are too many to describe. It will never be enough in words. But here are some common advantages of this food card

  • You can use this food card instead of using a food voucher. The food coupons are paper-based. You may even lose it or ruin the paper. But this food card is made of plastic, so it’s convenient to use.
  • The corporate employers had to go through hassle while using the manual card. But this card has lessened their hassle by reducing the administrative burdenYou will get the monthly meal allowance according to your given time. So the administration doesn’t have to worry about the distribution process.
  • If you somehow lost it, you can get a new card just by contacting their customer care service.
  • On the other hand, you can even keep track of your spendings b checking the balance of your account. Besides, you can learn about the different services from their webpage.

Last Few Words 

So from the discussion, you got a notion about HDFC food card login. In this digital era, the card is helping people buy their food most easily. They do not have to worry about if they have the paper voucher or not.

 The food card is convenient in every possible way. Like you can easily purchase food by using that card. If you see any problem while using the card, you can even get their customer help service. So the benefits of the cards are too many to describe. The only fact that seems like a barrier is that you can only use it in India. It means, in this country, the service of this card is available. So hurry up and get the HDFC food card login.