60's Slang Must Revisit

Everyone knows that the 60’s was an iconic decade with a lot of memories. People were free-spirited, and freedom was the main focus. So, the highlight of everyone was any new adventure for total freedom. Fashion seemed to bring surprises every single day. We saw the best of scientific inventions and hippie counterculture. No one will ever forget the hippie era of the 60’s. Plus, it took every city like a storm. Also, civil rights were the talk of the town. Therefore, this era brings you exciting and unforgettable moments for slang and sayings. Let’s see the best moments for the 60’s slang you must revisit.

Slang and sayings of the 60’s that you can use

So you are excited and cannot wait? There were many trending slang and terms in this era that are still in use today. People want excitement and hipster words to call out. That is why you can use some of the best sayings. Calling every beautiful, attractive, fashionable, or intelligent person foxy was a new thing. So, add this word to flavor up your ordinary life. Your friends will pick up on it sooner than you think. Also, what’s your bag meant a question to ask when you want to make sure he understood. This slang is hipster for teenagers, schools, and friends. 

Other sayings like, can you dig it, hang loose, old lady, and far out, are still used to date. So simply asking questions is not enough for the people of the 60’s. Innovative and hippy terms were in use. Hanging out also comes from the famous hang loose term of this era. So, people can chill today and say this to their buddies. Whenever something was cool enough, people would describe it as far out. Calling someone Old lady was yet another slang for not-so-interesting girlfriends. Some of the sayings, like it’s a gas, were ridiculous yet catchy. Thus, everyone seemed to use it more often.

Other fun terms and slang

Freak flag

It’s a flag when someone strange or weird disrupts your party scene. So, call it a freak flag. Also, someone with weird and boring ideas, this flag is up. 

Gimme some skin

People who wanted a handshake used this term in the 60’s. So, you can use this 60’s slang and lingo to shake hands with or hug friends. 


This term was for calling the cops. No one knows why people of the 60’s used it. However, it is one to recall.


The term is still a trending slang on the tongues of many today. It was launched in the 60’s and still lives among us. 

Outta sight

Once in a while, you will either hear it or read it in a magazine. It means unbelievable things that might not be likely.

Just for kicks

Sometimes people forget this famous saying of the 60’s. However, it always makes a comeback every year in a surprising way.


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