Whether you’re the groom, the ring bearer, or simply part of the wedding party, renting suit and tuxedo clothing for your special day has always been challenging. Online rental brands offer interactive tools that allow you to build your look from scratch or choose from curated outfits before entering your measurements and checking out.

Make Sure You Have Your Measurements

When renting a Tuxedo, it’s essential to provide accurate measurements. Whether you’re trying to make formalwear at the mall seem like the hip, modern alternative or one of the many online up-and-coming players in the industry, it’s a lot easier to get a great fit when you provide your exact measurements than when an associate guesses and hopes for the best.

Rental companies know that a great fit is critical. So, they prioritize ensuring they have the right size available for each man. However, this cannot be easy with prom rentals or spring weddings. This is why they recommend that you order your tuxedo early. A good rule of thumb is to do so a couple of months in advance. This gives the formal wear store time to do any necessary alterations.

Look for a Free Home Try-On

With the rise of tux rental online, you can now access a more comprehensive selection than in a physical store. Renting is also less expensive and allows you to avoid the time pressure of a salesperson or the stress of rushing out to buy something that may not fit.

Look for an online rental company that offers a free home try-on to ensure you get the right size before ordering. These companies have fit algorithms that use measurements to identify your ideal fit without needing tape measures.

Review the terms and conditions before signing anything for an online tuxedo rental. Not all contracts are created equal, and you don’t want to end up with a hefty bill for ripped pants or lost cuff links! Look for a rental company that includes shoes, accessories, and alterations in the base price. You should also know of additional charges, such as shipping or a late return fee.

Take Advantage of Interactive Tools

Renting a Tuxedo or buying a tuxedo is a decision that is dependent on your circumstances and how often you wear formal attire. For those who only use a tuxedo for special events (prom, weddings, black-tie corporate events), renting may be the best choice. Also, the semi-formal dress code typically requires attire such as a suit and tie for men and cocktail dresses or elegant separates for women, striking a balance between casual and formal styles for various events.

If you choose to rent, look for a rental service that offers a variety of online tools that make the process easy and hassle-free. Online tools like a virtual measuring guide, a home try-on option, and photo sizing can help ensure you receive the perfect fit.

In addition, most tuxedo rental prices come with a 24- to 48-hour return window. This gives you a little leeway but check with your rental company to see the penalties for returning a tuxedo too early.

Make Sure You Have a Return Date

No one wants an ill-fitting suit or tuxedo on their big day, so look for a rental company that offers no-risk home try-on. The online store allows grooms to try on their looks for two days and even provides a free replacement if it doesn’t.

If you’re a tuxedo online, ensure the return date is clearly defined on your contract. It’s it’s remember the morning after a night of drinking and dancing, and if you don’t tuxedo back by the designated time, you will be charged for another rental.

Everyone at your wedding party must be aware of the return date. Some companies offer friendly automated reminders, which can take the stress of managing your groomsmen off of your shoulders. Plus, if someone is slacking, you can quickly follow up and address the issue with their look before it becomes an emergency. (Side note: if they become an emergency, we will drop ship a new look with prepaid postage).)

By Sambit