strongest numbing cream

The strongest numbing cream is one that offers intense anesthesia. It must be done in the shortest time and should last for a long time to allow the treatment to get over. If in case, the patient feels pain at the time of the procedure, it can lead to some serious problems for treatment success and patient comfort.

A lot of aesthetic service providers such as laser process, and injectable treatments, including needling select topical anesthetics rather than over-the-counter products. This is to make sure that the patients get the best experience and to enhance the success rate of the procedure.

List of strongest numbing cream for various applications

1. Anesthetic cream J – Caine

Anesthetic cream J – Caine
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It’s the strongest numbing cream along with anesthetic effects. It possesses a nerve-blocking effect on the area where you apply it to reduce skin irritation, discomfort, and pain. You can make use of J Caine as a numbing cream before using Hyaluronic acid fillers, or any anti-aging creams that need injections and many more. This cream is infused with 10.56% lidocaine.

2. Neo Cain Cream

strongest numbing cream
Image Credit: Guangdong Emylee Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

It is a highly effective anesthetic numbing cream containing lidocaine that assists in soothing the pain and discomfort caused during various procedures such as cosmetic surgery, body piercing, skin peeling, laser hair removal, and many more. It functions by numbing the pain receptors thereby eliminating the pain. You can feel the numbing effect of this cream within 10 minutes of applying the cream.

3. TKTX numbing cream

TKTX numbing cream
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It is one of the strongest numbing creams used for procedures like laser hair removal as it consists of all-natural ingredients that numb the painful sensation and soothe your skin. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera have a soothing effect on your skin and prohibit irritation. In addition, the menthol present in this cream helps speed up the healing process.

4. Zensa numbing cream

strongest numbing cream
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It’s a scent-free cream that can work for 4 hours after application without bringing any changes in the skin texture or doing any vessel constriction. It is available for use for all kinds of skin and also on sensitive skin areas such as your face. It starts functioning in 20 minutes and offers relief not only at the time of the laser but also at the time of microneedling, Botox, and electrolysis.

5. Emla numbing cream

Emla numbing cream
Image Credit: Lloyds Pharmacy

The strongest numbing cream is suitable for all kinds of procedures that need needles such as injections. It has two active substances and they are prilocaine and lidocaine which are local anesthetics. When this acts together it creates a numbing effect that lasts for a short period. It starts its effects after an hour of its application.

6. LMX4 Lidocaine 4% cream

strongest numbing cream
Image Credit: Chemist4U

This is a numbing cream that numbs your skin before any kind of painful procedure that needs a needle. It’s like a local anesthetic that functions by inhibiting the nerves from sending any kind of pain signals to the brain. While its primary use is in medical processes like blood taking or drip insertion, it can also be bought from the pharmacy for use before any kind of cosmetic procedure.

Factors to consider for selecting the strongest numbest cream

Since there are many products available in the market, how to select the strongest numbing cream? There are several determining factors that one can consider for getting the best numbing cream. Have a look at them.


To make the best choice of numbing cream, one of the major factors to consider is its effectiveness. For the cream to be efficacious, its concentration rate matters. It must have sufficient active pharma ingredients for doing the job with utmost safety.  


While the main work of any anesthetic cream is numbing the area of treatment, it is also vital to consider its safety profile. Some of the anesthetics are dosed very high which is risky for any user. Therefore, the cream should provide the required efficacy without posing any risk to the health. It is vital to look for medical expertise before someone applies the strongest numbing creams. 

Precautions while using the strongest numbing cream

  • The treatment area should be clean and dry.
  • It should be used only on healthy and unbroken skin and not on damaged skin.
  • The time of application varies based on the effect of the ingredient.
  • Never apply glad wrap over the area of application
  • It must not come in contact with your eyes, mouth or nose
  • Wash hands after using numbing cream
  • Discard your packaging in the trash away from children


There are numerous strongest numbing creams available today in the market with various strengths, purposes, and properties. This makes it difficult to decide which the best cream is. But by considering the important factors discussed above, it becomes easy to choose a safe, customized numbing cream that perfectly suits your requirements.