The intense pace of global digitalization is transforming the world and creating a new system of values, governance, social norms, and economic laws. The new economic model has become the digital one. Today, it helps many companies and states to achieve market leadership and increase competitiveness. Digital technologies of innovation activity have become the main helpers of specialists in many fields, especially innovation. The economy has received qualitatively new products and markets thanks to global digitalization and informatization.

The innovative development of society has gained great momentum in the current era of virtualization, the Internet, and cloud technologies. Moreover, more and more mobile applications are being developed to help users make transactions with a single click. Modern business is also influenced by digital technologies so that it can be integrated into the digital environment more intensively and firmly. There are essential innovations in the world of information technology that drive the business industry into the future. Among them are blockchain and cryptocurrency. The latest technologies in the financial market are based on cryptocurrency, or one of the most sought-after varieties of digital currency. We invite you to learn useful information about cryptocurrencies in the financial market, which will surely be useful to IT professionals.

Cryptocurrency in the modern financial market: information analytics for IT professionals

Today, cryptocurrency has become an important part of the global financial market and an essential technology for conducting new-generation transactions. This technology is based on cryptographic methods and derives much of the needed blockchain technology. Thus, the database of transactions functions based on cryptography or digital signature with public-key cryptography.

The major feature of cryptocurrencies is the lack of any internal or external administrator. As a result, no public or private authorities can affect the transactions of participants in the cryptocurrency payment system. It is noteworthy that experts started implementing cryptography for confidential payments more than thirty years ago. However, all payment systems were centralized in those years, so this method was ineffective. But today, things have changed.

How do cryptocurrency and blockchains work? There are so-called platforms for cryptocurrency trading, which are called exchanges. However, none of them has a corresponding registration and exchange license. As a result, cryptocurrency transactions and participants are not subject to exchange law in any state. Regarding functionality, most cryptocurrencies provide public access to all transactions between wallets without confidential information about address owners. However, miners could identify the owner if additional information became known.

The issuance of cryptocurrency is because its owners are those users who provide special operations. Let’s look at each of them.

  • Mining. This operation involves the creation of new structures that support cryptocurrency platforms. Most often, they are new blocks in the blockchain system. When a user creates a new block or unit, he receives a special reward from issued cryptocurrency units. Commissions are also important for such a system.
  • Forging. This operation is based on developing new blocks in the blockchain-based on confirming the ownership stake. As a result, the user receives a reward through new blocks and commissions.

As for other users, they can only receive cryptocurrencies in some cases. First, these are the owners of already existing cryptocurrencies that can sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for traditional virtual money or donations, goods, and services. The parties to the transaction use blockchain systems and exchanges to work with cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that cryptocurrency exchange can be done with both virtual money and other digital currencies.

The essence of the crypto influencer marketing

Today, competition is increasing in many global goods and services markets. Through them, brand promotion activities get new formats and accelerate. Also, many companies pay attention to such factors as consumer loyalty, high level of advertising campaigns, and other tools for business promotion.

Digital marketing began to develop intensively due to the global informatization society and expanding the world’s information space. New marketing models, such as influencer marketing, have been developed.

According to average opinion, influencer marketing is a process of communication and partnership with faces of influence to promote products or services. Often, such users generate pay based on the number of posts and promote their content through paid ad services. Some categories of users became the most influential members of influencer marketing:

  • blogger exchanges,
  • specialized marketing agencies, which plan and implement brand promotion and structure communication with faces of influence,
  • producer companies, which produce unique content like video content and engage in production activities,
  • private influencers and their agents.

Several fundamental platforms provide strategies for particular brands. The most important one is social networks. In particular, Instagram has become the key platform for it. Experts emphasize that modern cryptocurrencies depend on so-called influencers. There are two essential strategies for trading.

For example, Volatility Trading provides a strategy based on an assumed dependence of one currency’s price on the base currency’s volatility. Often, the rise of Bitcoin affects the appreciation of other cryptocurrencies. And lastly, the Moving Average assumes the interaction of fast and slow indicators when the day trading takes place. These are the most basic strategies that help investors and businessmen assess the modern digital economy and cryptocurrencies in a positive question.


The modern world would be unimaginable without computers and information systems. Advances in computing and digital telecommunications affect many fields of human activity. The advent of information and innovative technologies is transforming people’s lives and creating new professions in the global market. Shortly, our world will become fully digital. Moreover, modern digital technologies provide new tools for developing universities and other educational institutions across the globe.

Digitalization has provided people with easy, comfortable, and optimized access to information today. Many companies adapt and find the best methods to ensure professional and production activities. In this issue, specialized firms like a crypto influencer marketing agency help them promote their business and develop effective advertising campaigns to boost market leadership.