Marketing with Memes

Marketing is an integral part of any company’s growth strategy. The current digital revolution follows and adopts various online marketing strategies for business to gain traction. However, companies today are looking for unique ways to market their vision and mission to their target audience. Consumers too are more engaged when presented with new ideas. In this blog, you will know about Marketing with Memes – How to Use Them to Gain Traction.

Thus, marketing with memes has become an integral part of any type of social media strategy. It is essentially the process of marketing the business through memes, and is also known as meme-jacking. The rising number of people using smartphones, and growing Internet penetration has helped drive the growth of social media marketing.

A majority of people on average spend at least an hour on the phone every day, and memes are a great way to grab their attention through witty and humorous content. Memes are considered a seamless language on social media platforms to share ideas and attitudes. In fact, they have become so popular that people often communicate on social media only through memes. Since memes cover a variety of themes and capture different emotions, it is easy to relate to them.

Thus, marketing with memes on all digital platforms has turned into a cultural phenomenon. It even includes characters that have become synonymous with certain emotions and messages. Additionally, like content marketing, the concept of marketing with memes does not carry a risk of plagiarism. 

Furthermore, with meme generators, video makers and image editors, you can make unique memes to boost your marketing strategy. 

Making memes is easy, and some knowledge about a meme generator can benefit you while designing your marketing strategy. Below are some tips that can help you create effective marketing memes:

  • Opt for memes that are relevant – One of the successful examples of meme-jacking is making the meme occur at the right time. This results in the memes spreading massively, which can positively impact your marketing strategy. Additionally, you should keep track of the current news and change the memes accordingly to increase website traffic, traction and brand identity. 
  • Understand what type of meme you should use – Before using memes in your marketing strategy, you should be aware of memes and understand how they could impact your brand. You should always understand what the memes imply as illogical memes  are not likely to appeal to or attract the customers. 
  • Anticipate what the audience wants – It is always important to understand what customers would like; only then does the audience appreciate your work. While developing a meme-jacking strategy, you should ensure that the meme has a connection with the audience as well as your business. The memes should be subtle, simple, funny, and easy to understand. If the audience does not understand the meme; then even your other popular options of marketing are not likely to help you generate traffic to your website. Thus, understanding the client’s expectations is very important. 
  • Ensure that the memes relate to your brand – You should create a meme that relates to the brand and helps the audience connect with it. Thus, you should consider the process of hijacking as it provides a core connection to the brand. A successful meme-jacking strategy is one that incorporates the essence of the brand carefully. The meme should have a link with the industry. It should also convey the message of the company, including the mission, vision and brand tagline. Additionally, you should avoid posting content on your website that is not related to your product, services or marketing campaign as this could be detrimental for the brand. 
  • Be funny, witty and entertaining with memes –  Entertainment plays a crucial role in creating a funny, witty and entertaining meme. The memes with high entertainment value ensure that the audience engages well with them. Thus, you should always include a humorous element in your meme. Additionally, simple language would help to convey your goals clearly to the audience.
  • Align your meme-jacking with the original format – You should ensure that meme-jacking is in line with the original version and includes its format, style and components. If you fail to align the original components with the meme, then it fails to grab the attention of the audience. 

Once your meme-jacking is complete, then you should think about how you should market it. Below mentioned are some of the ways that would help make the memes successful and gain traction:

  • Sharing your meme-jacking on social media – You should plan to share your memes on prime social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. Also, before sharing on these platforms you should add a brief witty description. These social media platforms are excellent to gain traction for your business. However, one important point that you should consider is that the design of the memes should not take viewer attention away from the main purpose of your business. 
  • Use it as a visual element to boost other web content – Just meme-jacking as the only mode of marketing on social media would not help you gain prominence and traction. Thus, to avoid this you should create a blog and supplement this with memes. Additionally, to increase your lead generation you should always include a call-to-action in the post to which the audience can return to for additional details. This strategy would help to convert the prospects into leads or customers. 
  • Optimize your meme creation on social sharing – You should optimally use the page for social media sharing. In addition, you should make it simple for visitors or audiences to share it via their social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Add originality to popular memes – You should engage your audience by providing them with a few good laughs. Also, you need to base your strategy on the fact that you are working on increasing your brand awareness. Thus, instead of reposting popular memes, you should get creative with them. Once again, make sure you understand what the meme implies and how it will align with your brand. This will help the brand to become more memorable. 


Memes are considered native on all social media platforms. There are many types of memes – entertaining, witty, funny, sarcastic, and so on. The popularity of memes is expanding, and content related to memes is trending around all social visual platforms. 

Thus, marketing with memes would help your brand come under the limelight and expand its presence. One of the most important concepts to consider when developing a meme-jacking strategy is that it should be simple and easy to consume by the audience. Additionally, meme-jacking is an excellent way to share some refreshing content that has the potential to go viral.