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The number of social media page followers you or your business possess can be an important aspect for business growth and success about your Instagram following.  

How many Instagram followers do you have? 

Do you want to increase your social media followers? 

Make use of these email marketing tips for increasing your social media audience. 

But before that, you need to make sure that you have a valid email list with genuine information. 

To ensure that you have accurate email addresses on your database, you must validate the email address and phone numbers entered in a contact form. 

Apart from this, using an email search tool is an ideal approach. 

Email search tool – An intro! 

If you have been doing email marketing for a while, you are probably familiar with email search tools.  

However, if you have never heard of it, you have been missing out on a fantastic opportunity to get high-quality prospects.  

These tools can quickly find the email addresses of anyone on the planet. 


Spread the word about your Instagram profile 

It is critical to inform your customers about your Instagram presence in order to gain more Instagram followers.  

This strategy works best especially when you send welcome emails to customers who are new to your brand and do not know much about it.  

But why should you share about the Instagram presence detail?  

Well, your email subscribers will learn about your company’s growth, and besides this, they will be able to choose which communication channels they prefer to stay in touch with you.  

As a result, it is a wise idea to draft an email that discusses your Instagram profile in greater detail.  

Including icons for various social media platforms in your emails is the simplest way to achieve this goal. By doing so, you provide an opportunity for your subscribers to follow you on the social media platforms on which they spend the most time online and make it easier for them to do so.  

A discount for your Instagram followers is a wonderful way to get their attention and get them to follow you on the social media platform.  

In addition, you can add social connect links to every email. If you want to make a good first impression, say something like, “Thank you for joining my community! If you want to be in touch with me through social media, here are some links. 

Connect your social media profiles to your email signature 

You can inform your email subscribers about your Instagram account without being overly promotional in the email itself if you connect your social media profiles to your email signature. 

This gives your email subscribers the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they want to follow you on the platform.  

Therefore, it is a cool concept to include an Instagram icon in your email signature and promote this platform to subscribers who have expressed interest in learning more about your business.  

Adding an email signature allows you to build trust in your brand and provide interested subscribers with information about your business.  

This is true regardless of whether your email marketing campaigns are personalized or impersonal.  

You can increase the number of people who follow your business on Instagram by putting up a banner that says, “Follow us on Instagram” and includes a link that users can click to be taken to your company’s profile on Instagram. 

Celebrate Instagram milestones with email subscribers 

It is great if you have a strong following on Instagram.  

This indicates that you have an effective Instagram marketing strategy in place that draws people to your account.  

But wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could gain twice as many Instagram followers?  

Sharing your Instagram milestones with the people who have subscribed to your email feed is a wonderful way to spread the word about your recent successes and get more people to start following you on Instagram.  

As a result of this strategy, your email subscribers are more likely to follow you on social media, as they will feel like they are a part of something special, in addition to learning about the company’s accomplishments. 

Use more Calls-to-Action 

One of the most effective methods for getting a user to act is the “call-to-action” (commonly abbreviated as “CTA”).  

This “something” can be anything you want it to be, from making a purchase to sharing a link.  

When it comes to using CTAs (calls to action) in marketing materials like blog posts and emails, most companies are aware of their importance, but they overlook the importance of CTAs in email series such as, “welcome email” and “thank you email.”  

Never miss an opportunity to request something from your customers, such as following you on social media, and always take advantage of it when you get the chance to do so. 

Concluding thoughts 

Wasn’t that a fun read? Did you find it useful?  

As you may be aware, modern customers use a variety of communication channels to stay up to date on brand news and product updates.  

And in the modern era, email marketing and Instagram work hand in hand with each other, giving you the opportunity to convert your devoted email subscribers into followers on Instagram. 


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  1. An email finder is an excellent tool to find email addresses for targeted prospects. Prospects are people involved in your industry, and a good email finder can help you find the contact details of these people. Using an email domain search can be faster and more efficient than manually searching for email addresses . It will require you to enter a few words to find an email address. However, it is important to note that these tools only provide data for a small percentage of all requests. This is because new people don’t appear in the tool’s database over night.

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