For many years, doctors called neck hump different names i.e. buffalo hump and dorso cervical fat pad. The problem takes place from the accumulation of excessive fat in the back area or neck of humans. In other words, the dorso cervical fat pad leads to the development of a hump shape of the neck. However, the question is ‘how to get rid of the neck hump fast’? For this, our blog post will discuss a few symptoms and common causes of the neck hump. It will also highlight a few easy stretches to deal with the situation or at least manage the underlying symptoms.

Symptoms of Neck Hump 

Neck humps often do not have a relation with other symptoms. Many people look for treatment and stretch due to their cosmetic concerns. However, symptoms have a relationship with other underlying symptoms and they include the following-

  • Moon-shaped or round face 
  • Acne problems
  • Flushing or facial redness 
  • Stretch marks in the abdominal area 
  • Excess growth of hair on different parts of the body, including the face 
  • Easy bruising 
  • Excessive thirst 
  • Thin skin 
  • Mood swings 
  • Irregular menstrual cycles 
  • Decrease in libido 
  • Weakness 
  • Frequent urination

Other than that, you may accompany a neck hump due to an increase in blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and weak bones. Each may increase your risk related to abnormal spinal curvature and fractures.

Causes of Neck Hump

Bad posture is a common cause of neck hump or dowager’s hump. The condition causes an increased curve in the area of your upper neck. In this way, you have to lift the head forcefully for protruding forward. Other causes of neck hump are-


Osteoporosis causes a compression fracture followed by an increase in the forward curve. In this condition, you have to drop the head more forward and later, pull it up and back to see forward. Both of these factors will create a bump in the neck and upper back area.  

Congenital Problem 

In congenital problems, the spine of a person does not form properly before his/her birth.  


Kyphosis often takes place in teenage girls and boys. Here, the spine gets a wedge shape instead of remaining a rectangle. 

Stretches/Moves to Manage Neck Hump

Patients who want to know the answer to how to get rid of the neck hump fast must do the following easy stretches and moves to reduce the swelling or the hump. 

Shoulder Rolls 

You can do shoulder rolls anywhere and anytime you want. For this-

  • Start by sitting or standing straight and keep your arms sideways
  • Roll the shoulders forward 10 to 12 times and 10-12 times backward 
  • Pause for a while and repeat the same cycle three times.

Shoulder rolls stretch to make sure of the right position of your shoulders. It releases tightness to the back and front of your shoulders so that you may correct your posture. 

Cat Pose

Cat pose is a popular yoga pose and an effective stretch to overcome neck and back problems. In other words, the pose is the perfect answer to how to get rid of the neck hump fast.

  • Start the stretch by positioning your knees and hands. 
  • While exhaling your breath, tuck the tailbone below, drop the head, and round the back up towards the ceiling. 
  • You also have to press down by using your arms. 
  • Hold your position for one second and repeat the pose 10 times.
  • Once you complete your repetitions, you should rest for a while and repeat the same process two to three times. 

Cat pose releases your back stiffness and stretches out your chest to help you get an upright position.

Chin Tucks 

Chin tucks are also an excellent solution to how to get rid of neck hump fast.You may include this stretching activity even while watching your favorite show. 

  • Drop the chin down and push it into the neck, as you create a double chin and lift it in the backward direction. 
  • You should do 10 repetitions of the exercise.
  • Take a rest for some time and follow the steps again 2 to 3 times. 

Chin tucks and stretches out the muscles present in the back area of your neck. Simultaneously, the activity works on muscles present in the front area. If you are looking for how to get rid of the neck hump fast, your front and back areas of the neck function properly.

Chin-to-shoulder Stretch 

Want to stretch by simply relaxing on your couch, try chin-to-shoulder stretch. To perform the exercise-

  • Twist the neck sideways and downward until the chin touches the shoulder and bring it back to the center
  • You have to do a particular side 10 times. 
  • Rest for a few minutes and repeat the process up to three times.
  • You have to do the same thing on your opposite side.

Chin-to-shoulder move stretches your trapezius and neck muscles, which remain present at your neck base above the shoulders. In this way, the stretch puts your neck again in its appropriate position. 

Head and Sideways Stretch

Here, you have to take bump-busting moves by moving the head around sideways. Other steps include the following-

  • Bring the head back to its center and repeat the process 10 times to 12 times. 
  • You have to focus on a particular side at a time. 
  • You have to rest for a beat and repeat the same cycle three times. 

Head and sideways stretch can release your muscles to your neck’s side so that your neck has a proper alignment. 

Use a Ball to Massage the Affected Area 

You should apply ball massage techniques to treat the affected area. It allows you to feel good, and adding it to your rotation gives you worth. You should lie on the floor and keep a massage ball across the traps and side of the neck. Here, traps refer to the top area of the shoulders. Even though the technique is tender, you have to lay on it for about 1 minute before going to the next spot. A few minutes of ball massage will release tightness in the shoulder, upper back, and neck area to give you an upright posture. 


Everyone knows that bad posture is a common reason behind neck hump or buffalo hump in humans. Luckily, proper stretches and moves let you manage your underlying symptoms to lead a healthy life.

By Swati